Chase Outpatient Center

10/15/2015 Alliance

For more information or to schedule an appointment call (203) 573-7284.

The Henry S. Chase Outpatient Center has been providing comprehensive primary healthcare services for the people of the Greater Waterbury region for over 75 years.

Located at 160 Robbins Street in Waterbury, our internal medicine physicians, internists and nurse practitioners are primary care providers who perform physical exams and treat a wide spectrum of common illnesses in adult men and women and adolescents.

Chase also offers clinics that focus on disease management and prevention.

The team-focused, multi-disciplinary approach at Chase brings comprehensive prevention and treatment options closer to patients.

Other services include:

Orthopaedic Clinic

This program provides diagnosis and treatment of surgical and non-surgical orthopaedic conditions. A referral is required.

Diabetes Clinic

A multi-disciplinary clinic that includes an endocrinologist, pharmacists and nurse educator, this clinic helps patient manage their disease through:

  • Diabetes, nutrition and pharmacy education.
  • Access to pharmacist to discuss medication usage

A referral is required for this clinic.

Surgical Clinic

The Surgical Clinic provides pre- and post-surgical care for patients who will be undergoing an operation at Waterbury Hospital.

Rheumatology/Musculoskeletal Joint Injection Clinic

The Injection Clinic provides joint injections for pain management and treatment. Patients require a referral for this service.

Geriatric Clinic

This Clinic provides comprehensive care for older adults, with the goal of promoting wellness and independence.

Botox Treatment for Frontal Migraines

Our team offers FDA-approved Botox injections for the treatment of chronic migraine headaches.

DOT/CDL Physicals

Chase offers physical exams to professional drivers to ensure they are physically qualified to operate limousines, taxis, trucks, and other commercial motor vehicles as required by the Department of Transportation.

Professional drivers must pass a DOT physical examination to ensure that there are no medical conditions preventing a commercial driver from safely operating a vehicle. The examination typically includes:

  • Physical evaluation
  • Visual acuity and color discernment assessment
  • Blood pressure evaluation
  • Hearing test
  • Urine test